Thursday, January 20, 2011

Greetings Hammondbeat fans. You may have heard about the new Link Quartet album "4"? Well, it is here (or at least at the point of this writing it will be here tomorrow)!

Now, officially the album is not released until April 19, and many of you know that we always launch it a few weeks earlier than the rest of the world here at

Well, things went so amazingly well with the factory schedule that we are dropping it down even earlier than ever before - as in today ('er, tomorrow)!! And if that weren't enough, we're even selling it for only $10 through January 31 at which point it will go up to a still excellent price of $12.

Vertical Floor by The Link Quartet - find more at SoundCloud

So, you should all know the LQ sound by now...or at least think you do. Now take that experience and double it. Heck, let's get aggressive and triple it. This isn't some band just making another go of it. Think of it more like they got hit with gamma rays and have spent the last 4 years training their new found super powers. Life altering I'd say. Now get yourself one (or two) and fly!

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  1. Well, I just ordered mine. April arrived earlier than I would expect, by the grace of St. Laurens Hammond.