Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Paolo "Apollo" Negri :: Lightswitch

"Lightswitch" has that Beatles meets Nilsson vibe that is a completely new approach for Paolo, becoming the first thread in a much bigger fabric moving toward his 4th album in 2013. The concept comes from lyricist Milo Scaglioni who Paolo last worked with in their first band NICE PRICE 15 years ago. This side has a melancholy, yet inspirationally upbeat, vocal and is ripe with electronic atmosphere, backed with a deep soul conga percussion and accents of simmering synth, guitar, and bass.

“Le Cirque du MIDI” is the tether to 2011 with the completion of Paolo's first solo trilogy on "COBOL" [HBR-014] and the rebirth of The Link Quartet with "4" [HBR-013]. The melody riffs off LQ4's "Dancing 'round the Walnut Tree" with a bombastic electronic twist and relentless percussion that right-turns into a psychedelia bridge with heavy funk guitar / electric piano jazz fusion, before slamming you back down in the centre ring.

Hammondbeat Records celebrates its 10th year of some of the greatest funk-soul-jazz-rock productions. Look for our digital retrospective collections this Fall, including a remastered vocal collection from Paolo's solo albums, to coincide with the anniversary of "Beat.It", while we prepare for the 5th Link Quartet album coming next Spring.

This single is released exclusively on limited edition 7” vinyl (250 copies).