Sunday, October 3, 2010

Does it have a pulse?

"Physician heal thyself", or something like that is how the saying goes. As a computer systems designer by day, it seems that I'm the last to benefit from my particular talents, complicated further by some of those events that go under the category of "LIFE". But none of that has kept the shipments from going out on time, but you wouldn't know it by looking at the rather vacant homepage at! That is all about to change...

We have a new navigation underway that will refocus an expanding catalog in a more helpful way. It's going to take the next 3 months to get it out there completely, but we will be making incremental changes to the catalog as we move along to our final goal. Chalk it up to a database design that has gone about 2 years passed its expiration date. In the meantime a little news for you to groove on:

October is our 8th anniversary since the release of "Beat.It" by The Link Quartet. In honor of that event, for this entire month every HB release is priced at $8 (or less). That's as much as $5 off the original price. Does this mean that next year there will be $9 each sale? No! So here's a chance to get a really great deal on every CD we've produced all at once. The next change to the site will go live on November 1, so when that happens you'll know the sale has ended!!

Next April will be the release of the long-desired "The Link Quartet IV" CD that went into production this summer. We've got a third of it finished (mind-blowing), a third of it in post-production (even without the bass and horns in place these guys sound more complete than most of what's going on out there), and the last few tracks get recorded next week. Artwork is underway from the graphic genius of Craig "zilla" Kristensen, who also happens to the brains behind Fred Leslie's missing Link. We have special promotion planned in January with the launch of the new site.

Thanks ever so much for your patience and continued support.

Kahlil Breithaupt, serious music lover