Tuesday, February 15, 2011


CAT#: HBR-013

After three mind-blowing funk-tastic rock albums (Evolution, 2006 / Italian Playboys, 2004 / Beat.It, 2002) and two US tours, The Link Quartet took a break which led organist extraordinaire Paolo “Apollo” Negri toward two solo records (A Bigger Tomorrow, 2007 / The Great Anything, 2009) and Hammondbeat into a much expanded relationship with this prolific master. They conspired that The Link Quartet would rise again when the time was right. THAT TIME IS NOW!

“4” is the culmination of everything Paolo and Hammondbeat have produced in the last few years, from vintage soul to their own unique brand of funk-jazz-rock, but squeezed into the raw, hyperactive, live-band genius of The Link Quartet. This is modern power-pop combined with R&B rock sensibility that separates “written songs” from “incomprehensible noise”.

With Paolo taking over the band from retired founders Link Cardini and Tony Face he recruited Majo Murtas (guitar), Pato Maffi (drums), and Arnaldo Dodici (vocals) who’ve given not only the solid skills always central to a Link Quartet album, but also bring a fresh style necessary to stand riff-to-riff with their retro-contemporaries. French soul lyrics, hard-rock guitar energy, jazz drummer work ethic, Renzo's body rumbling bass, and blistering organ riffs all come together into a socially conscious “power to the working man” party.

“4” also features guest appearances from the growing Hammondbeat extended family. The Austin-based Hellfire Horns and vocalist Tameca Jones from Flyjack’s “On the One” EP lay on the Texas barbecue on a few tunes, and organist Simon Rigot shows off his extensive sitar skill for contrasting eastern flavor on “Big Peach”, as well as Paolo’s own expanding arsenal of assorted electronic and percussive blends that sets a Link Quartet album that much more ahead of the rest.

Also available HB7-07: exclusively on vinyl are the original raw versions of “Fast Girls & Sexy Cars” b/w “Drummore” which were toured extensively through Europe until an album had reached a boiling point and the “4” sessions commenced.

Hammondbeat has been making records since 2002 and feature some of the most outstanding music preservationists on the planet. The rules are simple: create something new, don’t be afraid of playing notes, and drum machines are for demos only. Hammondbeat releases feature the superior sound that can only be found when utilizing analog recording techniques and the best digital engineers. Just because you can make a record on your PC, doesn’t mean you should.”

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Greetings Hammondbeat fans. You may have heard about the new Link Quartet album "4"? Well, it is here (or at least at the point of this writing it will be here tomorrow)!

Now, officially the album is not released until April 19, and many of you know that we always launch it a few weeks earlier than the rest of the world here at Hammondbeat.com.

Well, things went so amazingly well with the factory schedule that we are dropping it down even earlier than ever before - as in today ('er, tomorrow)!! And if that weren't enough, we're even selling it for only $10 through January 31 at which point it will go up to a still excellent price of $12.

Vertical Floor by The Link Quartet - find more at SoundCloud

So, you should all know the LQ sound by now...or at least think you do. Now take that experience and double it. Heck, let's get aggressive and triple it. This isn't some band just making another go of it. Think of it more like they got hit with gamma rays and have spent the last 4 years training their new found super powers. Life altering I'd say. Now get yourself one (or two) and fly!