Friday, November 19, 2010

4our : inspired by the album "4" from The Link Quartet (March 2011)

The complete chapter thirteen of
a socialized poem by GIBRAN

The Earth mother is freakishly ablaze with larcenous intrigue and discordant dissertation by the fattest of cats, polled and controlled by the wettest of rats. “How can this be as enlightened as we / dreaming the life and living the dream?” The beat of this manifesto 4our and those horns of Hellfire raze these facts into ravishing form: The True. As the soul grooves and body flows, the mind excogitates harmonious, candid belle epoque.

4our scores and underscores the progressive impulse to reconcile sunsets with moonbeams, banish apologies of apoplexy, celebrate the reunion of abstract into expression, and tease the tangiest lime into the sweetest coconut. The sun is reborn (again) – the citizen takes another breath from the forever-and-ever and the God-construct is like all surfer-modal: “Whoa! Dude, we were made to make this.”

From one modicum of stardust to another I relay this profane auditory aesthetic, distinctly 4our, as one of an incalculable number of random stations that this yearlong reconnaissance could evince – but fatefully the singularity that fearlessly exemplifies the universal Hammondbeat state of mind.

4our is consummate, humanely exquisite, and the civilized rush:push toward and beyond social divine.

^ Freedom ^ Justice ^ Equality ^ Solidarity ^

For Kat, Anna, and Theresa : 3 that sum the 4 of me.

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  1. Man, I can't wait for this new album. Fortunately, march is just a bit after tomorrow. =/

    Success for the band and long life to the Hammondbeat.

    PS. Dear Kahlil and Paolo,

    Since Brazil is not just on the other side of the street, I'd really like to see a DVD / Blu-Ray live (with several close-ups right in the hammond, in the drawbars, leslie...) ;)

    Wilmar Morari Jr.