Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The History of Hammondbeat, Part Twelve

An abridged excerpt from chapter twelve of
An accounting of the truth by Kahlil Breithaupt

The addicted man desecrates his own potential; the patriotic man defends his perceived entitlement to possessions and control; the inventive man perpetually tears down and rebuilds his God to reflect the latest, sexy fad; the intelligent man is confused, ashamed, and critical of his very existence; but the artistic man has burned to learn, think and thrive in The Great Anything.

This man found power from his First Mother who provided, preserved, and restored…she who was advocate, counselor, nurse… and now friend. She was the unrelenting teacher of reason; guardian of the door between him and the silliness of the road he would travel to and through The Great Anything. She instinctively endured the inevitable abandonment and he is acutely aware and humbled by that blessed and blooded sacrifice.

He surrendered two tremendous women to The Great Anything this year: his Grand Mother who raised and toured the world with him those many, many wonderful summers past; now his Second Mother, who saved his Father from self-destruction, returning to him a hero and mentor forged from a superior framework of knowledge, compassion, and forgiveness - a foundation that serves to hold the morality of progress to the higher standard of truth and justice than some man-made, flexible contract with faith in a mad, chaotic, imperialistic post-moderne world.

He continues The Great Anything with his partner and very breath of life. She will hold his hand at the many graves ahead, wipe the tears from his heart with her limitless smiles, and one bittersweet day complete a superior history worthy of vigilant remembrance and celebration. Their daughters discover their own strength and will soon selflessly tend the continuance of The Great Anything and vanquish the cynicisms and treacheries frequented upon that tradition that makes the pursuit of life possible.

For Bonnie and Vina: Yatahe!

Pre-published from the forthcoming liner-notes of Paolo "Apollo" Negri's "The Great Anything" (January, 2010).

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