Friday, May 29, 2009

Fay Hallam Trinity "1975" (review)

Hello groovy ladies and gents. It seems I'm rapidly approaching the one-year anniversary of my last commentary (The Diplomats of Solid Sound featuring the Diplomettes, May '08), and like many of you victims of a manipulated and mutilated economy I've had to put work before play to inhumane levels...and as it turns out running a label alone is not as party-licious and fancy-free as you would rightly imagine. The same can be said for those indie bands that we know and love and must throw our modest support whenever we can.

What keeps me driving head-first (and somewhat blind and dumb, but never deaf!) into that horizon of an ever-flattening world is simply the mainlining high of records like "1975" by the effervescent Fay Hallam Trinity. To be blunt, if you can't be swept away by the mod-gospely-goodness of this record or its gut-punching predecessor "Realm" (2006), then I fear you you may be a moron, drink too much, or consume dangerous amounts of sugar and should have that checked out ASAP. But let's assume that you are genius for a moment (which I know you are) and are just a cautious person that won't go a couple of days without food in exchange for a truly worthy pursuit...see a theme emerges to my opening remark!

Food (especially sugar) just makes you fat which leads to being fat in the head and likely to listen to the radio where you will be brain-washed into liking and buying (or even stealing) crap which leads to being a moron and hungry's a vicious circle that will impact the lives of friends and family...and you should never hurt the ones you love!!!

FHT makes you smart and happy (and occassionally a little sad) but above all thoughtful and introspective (love, loss, redemption, sprirituality, and more!) which leads to ideas, which leads to food for the body and the soul. It's an investment people...a stimulous package of monumental possibilities. "1975" very well might save your life...I'm living proof.

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